Minds Eye

Into the mind of a Black Woman.

Poetry jam: Addendum

July 10, 2020

So I’ve been trying this poem for this guy

Actually more like 2…

I couldn’t get the words right maybe y’all could help me out:

“From the dancing and laughing

To the kisses on the forehead

The subtle touches showing you care

You asked me what I see and what I be thinking

When you catch me admiring you

Well Ive been trying to figure out the best way describe it

You can be brittle but you always stayed firm.

You are as sweet as you want to be….

a tad crazy….slightly bitter

…but Always a cornball

Your skin feels like …1000 thread count sheets

…actually more like Raw shea butter on a hot summer day

Your smile is so radiant that sun light is dim around you”

Nahhh that’s not it sounded way to sweet and endearing like I yearned for you or. something

Okay let try again:

Silly things I believed in

I believed in crazy things when I was younger

You know Santa, tooth fairy, monster under the bed

Stuff like that

those are the kind of things to you can’t get over when you find out it’s not real

So why can’t I get over you

It’s not like I’m in love with you or anything

Could it be that I believed in your truth

Your struggle, your success and intellect

Or could it be that I believed in your lies, while compromising and believing there could’ve something between us

see now that just mad sad that can’t be it… you know what?never mind

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