Minds Eye

Into the mind of a Black Woman.

Loneliness isn’t what people think it is

People think it’s feeling alone even when the room is full…

Honestly that not really how it is..

Loneliness is preferring to have been kidnapped and held hostage..

Cause I mean at least you know your Captor will actually come see you..

Loneliness is preferring to have been on a deserted island after a terrible crash and never found…

Cause I mean at least your not excluded on purpose… right ?

Loneliness is not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks about you

Cause let’s admit our thoughts are crippling enough….to be okay with being in the dark…

Loneliness is hearing someone say your name and you look with a glint in your eye from finally being noticed

Loneliness is being chased through the wilderness by any wild animal because at least something wants you…

Loneliness is getting stuck in a endless conversation with someone who doesn’t know how to shut up because who is interested in talking to you til the sun goes down…

Loneliness is a crippling feeling that builds its own anxiety and depressing aspects…

Loneliness is the wall that you build for 24 years cause you grew up in a household without a friend, a hero, mentor…family

Loneliness is growing up in a big family and not being close to anyone

Loneliness is engulfing your entire emotions and life into words

Loneliness is just saying okay I’m doing fine because what the hell is the point on dwelling on the small wrong things when someone is just

Going to tell you someone you don’t even know is going through worse

Now some of y’all know what I mean as some of y’all don’t..those that don’t you’ll truly will never understand that loneliness isn’t just a feeling you can get rid of

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