Minds Eye

Into the mind of a Black Woman.

I don’t know if I really want this as a poem or whatever but let’s be real…I recently got in trouble for doing something grown folks do.

Was I suppose to do it where I did it… no

But hell are you suppose to be fucking in a car? Plane? Restroom in a restaurant, mall etc? Broom closet at ya job? No but we do it anyways.

1. Cause we grown and

2. it’s a natural thing

Yes I believe marriage is a scared thing.

Even though in reality.. it was never meant for love but for stability, power and partnership.

I would love to love someone and think it’s enough but I can’t just love them…

I have to trust in their ability to lead and not break down when the going gets tough.

Maybe I’m not meant to write a book but maybe just to blog my thoughts and poems

My minds eye…. I want the world to be my journal… fuck the judgement and I’m not the smartest person in the room cause I have some real dumb questions that need answers and ima ask them.

All these damn grammar mistakes are meant to be read as is cause Im fucking talking and my language ain’t perfect

But back to the fact that I’m grown and getting punished for being just that

You want us to act like adults but you punish us like kids

But anyways dummmb off topic

This is the grown series

Like I’m grown and sexy

Grown and independent

Grown and insecure

Grown and. Childish

Grown and unsure

Grown and undefined

Grown and a single parent

Grown and helpless

Grown and naive

Grown and broke

Grown and abused/ abusive

And many more to come… thank you and tune in

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