Minds Eye

Into the mind of a Black Woman.

They tracked her for nine hours by following the blood on the snow..slowly the tracks start to fade and ends at a large puddle in the end.

The men halted in an open field confused on why the tracks stopped and where the woman would’ve gone. Surveying the area with only the full moon on their backs, flashlights and two highly trained hunting dogs. The field had an dreadful silence, not a single sound entered the area.

Growing weary from the search one hunter spoke up, “Guys the dogs might lose her scent if we dont figure out where the tracks are. Plus it seems like she patched herself up somehow.” He bends down to sooth the anxious hunting dog.

“shut up and keep looking,” Shouted the second hunter, “she couldnt have gotten far with this amount of blood lost.”

The leader of the three men walks closer and croutches down next to the pool of blood. Still confused on how the blood was still fresh but nothing confused him more is the snow only fell in the treeline and no where near the field itself. This just doesn’t seem right, he pondered for a moment.

As he reached to examine the blood one last time before giving up on the search chaos erupts in the background. All the hounds began the bark a howl at what seems to be absolutely nothing. one hound escapes from his leash and races towards the leader and the blood….

TO BE CONTINUED a comment, like and shared for part 2

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