Minds Eye

Into the mind of a Black Woman.

From the dancing and laughing To the kisses on the forehead

The subtle touches showing you care

Catching me staring at you when you’re focused and seeing your smile

My misery turned to joy

My anxiety changed from tropical storms to calming sea

But every time I get that feeling it’s the wrong time

Right when I was doing good on my own the unsettling feeling of I deserve to be alone comes creeping back in

Back to being that girl in high school that was made fun of

Scareface girl cause of a birthmark

Still the same feeling of being laughed at every time

Why am I even here ?

have I really kept myself alive up to this point?

Or did I actually succeed and this is my personal hell that I’ve wrapped myself in

Repeating the same things

Bringing my worse fears to life

So is it really the wrong time and place or is this hell ?

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