Minds Eye

Into the mind of a Black Woman.

Silly things that I believe

I believed in crazy things when I was younger You know Santa, tooth fairy, monster under the bed Stuff like that those are the kind of things to you can get over when you find out it’s not real So….why can’t I get over you It’s not like I’m in love with you or anything …

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Life Guide

We are given a life where we have to constantly fail to get to nowhere Shouldn’t there be a guide book called ‘how to live your life till you get put in a grave for dummys’ I mean maybe that’s just too easy Why not just live a life where in everything you do there’s …

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50 Poetry Books Written by Black Authors

This is a list of poetry books written by Black authors. These books were published in different years and some are just to be published later this … 50 Poetry Books Written by Black Authors

Why I’m Not Finishing The Books I’m not Enjoying

Three years ago, I would religiously finish all the books even if I was not enjoying them because I strongly believe I should give the book a chance … Why I’m Not Finishing The Books I’m not Enjoying


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About Me

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m 25 years old Currently serving (looks) in the U.S. Navy. It has always been my dream to bring something creative into this world and leave some sort of impact whether big or small. Maybe you will enjoy what i have in stored maybe you wont that is entire up to you

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